Arham Petrochem Private Limited (APPL) is an Mini Petroleum Refinery, located at Santej – Kalol (Gujarat) incorporated on Dt. 30th January, 1997 as an Private Limited Company – Mini Petroleum Refinery approved & recognized under Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (PESO) by Government of India to process Petroleum Crude Oil, Condensates & complex Hydrocarbon to produce (PIONA) Paraffinic, Isomeric, Olefinic, Naphthenic & Aromatic Specialty Petroleum products. APPL has grown in leaps and bounds to establish its presence across the segment & has progressed rapidly, earned commendable position in the unique Mini Petroleum Refinery segment.

We at APPL have developed strong business network & excellent relations with supportive principle over the past years of successful business establishment, we offer quality produced products.

Geared to meet the challenges of the Industry, our professionals put in their best efforts. Highly qualified and delivered technically sound, our team has the deep knowledge about Petroleum nature & products, we are team of Engineers & Experts who ensure that best is achieved. APPL is managed by board of Directors compressing of successful Industrialist & Technocrats of proven skills having extensive experience in Petroleum Industry.

Over the course of years APPL has become industry’s competitive & economical source of high quality products with ability to give all clients equal importance. Our range of Specialty Solvents, Oils, Mixed Hydrocarbons & allied Petroleum products have helped us meet the varied requirements of clients in India and overseas.

Today India is amongst the fastest growing petrochemicals market, APPL is poised to become a key player in the growth of the Specialty Petroleum products industry, taking into consideration APPL has obtained 8 folds Refining capacity expansion approval and have already increased the Refining capacity by 4 folds in phase one expansion, phase two expansion to be completed by year 2019. This helps APPL is focusing on increasing its presence in the domestic as well as overseas markets through systematic expansion of customer base.

Aromatics especially has been identified as a prime driver of growth, currently APPL sources its feed stocks from Paraxylene plants and Naphtha Crackers world wide.

The demand of Aromatics in India and overseas is huge and expected to further rise. Apart from domestic market APPL will continue to market equal part of its produce in the international market, aiming to provide world-class products and service across the globe.