People who are pissed off at their circumstances may turn to

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Allah says we must decapitate

moncler jackets on sale But it used to be common for western religions to kill in the name of their god. moncler jackets on sale

Discount Moncler Coats I think economic prosperity, science, and education has moved moncler online store us mostly past those times. Discount Moncler Coats

Moncler Factory Outlet Lesser best moncler jackets educated people and lower economic moncler outlet sale status tend to cling to superstition for meaning in a moncler outlet universe that is largely outside their control. Moncler Factory Outlet

moncler outlet online store Some people twist holy books to mean whatever they want. moncler outlet online store

moncler coats for women Holy books are holy moncler sale just because in a cheap moncler coats mens long ago era they cheap moncler jackets womens were the ONLY books because scribes discount moncler jackets copied them by hand before printing presses. The Bible has moncler sale online just as much room to be interpreted cheap moncler sale as brutally and violently cheap moncler jackets as extremist Muslims interpret the Quran. Both books have plenty of passages advocating bigotry, slavery, war, and brutality. Both religions have cheap moncler jackets mens important figures who were violent military leaders. moncler coats for women

moncler jackets outlet The reason we see less violent moncler usa Christian extremism these days, and more violent Islamic extremism, is not because of the religions themselves. There too much common ground between their texts for that to be the distinguishing factor. moncler jackets outlet

cheap moncler jackets It primarily because of political and economic hardships in the [Muslim] moncler outlet online Middle East moncler womens jackets and Africa, compared to generally much better standards of living in the [Christian] West. cheap moncler jackets

moncler coats for cheap Let face it, if you lived moncler outlet in Iraq or Nigeria or Somalia More or Pakistan or Afghanistan or other such places, the statistical likelihood is you be living a pretty shitty and tragic life. moncler coats for cheap

moncler jackets Such circumstances often moncler outlet store drive uk moncler outlet people to extremist religious beliefs just as economic hardship often leads to political extremism (case in point the origins of the Nazis or the Bolsheviks). People who are pissed off at their circumstances may turn to crazy ideas it not dissimilar to the “desperate times call for desperate measures” mentality. moncler jackets

womens moncler jackets Have you noticed that there is much, much less religious extremism in the more developed and stable Muslim countries like the moncler uk outlet UAE or Turkey? These places have majority Muslim populations and yet they not overrun by terrorist attacks and societal oppression (seriously, the UAE actually isn as bad as /r/worldnews thinks, but that another discussion entirely). The New Testament is all about moncler sale outlet Jesus, who was an absolute pacifist to the core. One of his main teachings was “Turn the other cheek”, when taken in context, means that if someone slaps you in the face, turn the other side moncler outlet woodbury of your face moncler outlet prices to them and let them slap you again. Don retaliate, don cause bloodshed. He revised just about every terrible thing in the Old Testament, which is used in Christianity for historical purposes. He even revised the uk moncler sale 10 Commandments womens moncler jackets.

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