Highlights :

  • High Flash point & slower evaporation rate than Benzene / Toluene / Xylene(BTX) and non – low carcinogenic in nature, these solvents imparts better flow and film formation.
  • These solvents are non phytotoxic when used as an emulsion in aqueous sprays at the concentration normally required.
  • Low Ethy1 Benzene content & low hazardous air pollutants make them more environment friendly.
  • Highly refined, low residue on evaporation, narrow cuts and controlled uniform evaporation.

Applications :

These solvents are ideal for use in industrial applications such as Inks, Paints, Coatings, Solvent Dyes – Gas Oil and Gasoline, Hair Dyes, Currency Note Printing & Permanent Metal Ink Formulations, Agro Chemical – Pesticides Technical EC Liquid Formulations, Emulsifier Manufacturing, Flushing, Cleaning, Cracked Gas Compressor Cleaning in Polymer and Gas Cracker Plants, Oil Field Chemicals, Process Additives – Fluids, Modified Resins etc