Spray Oil is a specially refined oil designed to use alone or as an combination with insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. It is made up of refined petroleum oil with very high paraffinic content with optimal molecular weight. Controls a wide variety of other pests and other diseases on apples, citrus, pears and other deciduous trees either on its own or in combination with other agrochemicals. Enhances plant safety and lowers phytotoxicity when used at recommended dosage. This oil is sprayed using conventional spraying equipment in the form of emulsion. It kills insects and mites by enveloping the pest with a continuous film of oil, which interferes with the breathing and excretion process and ultimately.

Technical Specification

1ColorIS : 1967 P : 120.0 – 1ASTM
2AppearanceVisualClear to Yellow Liquid
3Density @ 30°CIS : 1448 P : 160.83 – 0.84gm/ml.
4Flash PointIS : 1448 P : 2190 – 120°C
5Aromatic ContentIS : 1448 P : 481 – 18%
6Mixed Aniline PointIS : 1448 P : 0368 – 75°C
7K. Viscosity @ 37.8°C / 40°CIS : 1448 P : 253.0 – 4.0Cst
8Boiling RangeIS : 1448 P : 18 As under°C
IBP250 Min
DP380 Max