Our refinery is facilitated with state-of-the-art manufacturing units that helps producing Specialty Petroleum products consisting of “PIONA” Paraffinic – Isomeric – Olefinic – Naphthanic – Aromatic Solvents, Oils & Allied Hydrocarbons.

Combination Vaccum And Atmospheric Distillation / Stripping Units

This Mini Refinery is equipped with top of the line 2 State-of-art fractionating facilities comprising of semi continuous combination atmospheric / vacuum unit with flooding ratio from 16 to 60.

Catalytic Reaction

Semi continuous 13 catalytic reactors of 24 KL each are setup for Refining intermediate stripped products to achieve desired product quality.

Intermediate products Blending

Temperature / Pressure / Nitrogen purged 16 tanks of various capacity from 16 – 50 KL for blending purpose.

Production Capacity

The total current sanctioned capacity of the Refinery is 93,600 Mton per annum with approval in hand for 1,75,000 Mton per annum.

Tank Farm

Dedicated modern product storage facilities of 3000 KL (A, B & C Class) with self adjust fitments to control pressure, vacuum and Nitrogen purged to avoid oxidation.

Research & Development

Research & Development wing in back bone of Specialty Petroleum Industry, calibrated laboratory in house comprising of following :

Chemical & Physical characteristics analysis :

  • 1 unit of Refinery simulation process (detailed)
  • Capillary & Gas Chromatography
  • Reid Vapour Pressure
  • Sulphur by Bomb
  • Calorific value by Bomb
  • Pour point (upto -70 deg C)
  • Acid & PH value
  • Saponification value
  • Colour (ASTM & SAYBOLT)
  • Density
  • Aniline Point
  • Aromatic Content
  • K.Viscosity
  • Boiling Range
  • Water & Moisture Content
  • Refractive Index
  • Drop Melting point
  • Consistency
  • Ultra Violet test
  • Readily Cabonisable substances
  • Solubility (Water & Chloroform)
  • Copper strip corrosion
  • Smoke point
  • Doctor test
  • Ageing Test
  • Stability Chamber for crucial formulations
  • Third party laboratory like SGS, Intertek, Saybolt for testing client specific parameters.
  • ….etc

Fire Safety Station

Dedicated stand alone fire safety station within the Refinery with automated monitors located at every sensitive zones, this safety station utilizes mix of Water, Foam, powders as per requirement.

Locational benefits

APPL is strategically located in Santej – Gandhinagar (Kalol), this Refinery is logically setup where some of the worlds largest Refineries located, dominating ports like Hazira, Kandla, Mundra etc with liquid storage facilities are available making the Raw material imports & Produced products exports movement and storage facility a hassle free process.