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Daily Questions Thread Feb 05

When will the moncler sale online housing moratorium end? Was excited hearing about the expansion of the housing zones, but now disappointed finding out that I unable to finally purchase a plot. Been playing this game since launch and have never owned a house in game, hell in that time I was able to buy moncler online store one in cheap moncler jackets real life. Have no hope to lottery moncler usa my way again whenever the moratorium randomly moncler sale ends and plots randomly become available for purchase uk moncler sale after relocation. Not getting the sense that anything is going to change, it still an extremely finite amount of plots. Am I supposed to leave my FC and make my own just to be able discount moncler jackets to finally own a cheap moncler jackets mens plot?Thinking of picking up the game again.Last time I played was in Heavensward, after finishing the Core MSQ (no patches had released yet) and I kinda wandered off. Classes I took to the cap were Summoner (felt clunkier than vanilla, at the time) and Machinist, and I generally play ranged DPS, with the occasional Scholar sprinkled in. Some cheap moncler sale questions:What I moncler outlet sale think ovewhelmed me at a time was the ability bloat with moncler womens jackets the expansion, especially with SMN. Did they get major mechanics changes with the new expansion? I tried looking into videos but I guess I been gone too long and most of them make no sense.SMN and MCH both perform well atm, SMN being near the top and MCH being in the middle of the pack but because of its synergies it is part of the current speed meta. But overall the balance of classes is best moncler jackets still maintained and the difference overall isn that large. For instance, LTW and WVR can craft the gathering and crafting “armour” pieces, CRP and BSM can make the main and off hand “weapons” and GSM (mostly, but some LTW as well) can make the accessories. The gathering classes can gather for all the moncler outlet woodbury crafting moncler outlet online classes.For levelling crafting below 50, there moncler outlet Company Turn ins (gives very good exp for HQ)Ixali uk moncler outlet Beast Tribe quests (no materials needed, except the deliveries, but limited)First our web page time crafting bonuses (crafting something for the first time in your crafting log)Really, the first moncler outlet prices three are what you want to focus on. I have a lvl 40 Summoner/Scholar, i have some questions:What are the best profession that i should level? O have Weaver/Alch/Bot. Should i have more than those? why?.I on a server that has x2 exp right now, so just by doing the main quests and moncler outlet the class quests i over leveled. because of that i may have missed some important “side quests” like getting a chocobo mount ( i didn miss that). What are the chains that cheap moncler jackets womens i shouln miss?. The three you have are a good start since Weavers can make gear for SCH/SMN, Alchemists moncler sale outlet can make the books, and Botanists can gather the materials. For other moncler uk outlet professions, Goldsmiths can make the cheap moncler coats mens accessories (and Mining can gather for those), and Culinarian can make food which is good for both EXP and buffs (which are useful for both profession classes and raiding) while Fishing can gather for them as well (along with for other classes like Alchemy). Leatherworking can also make some of the SCH/SMN gear like boots, belts, gloves. Carpentry and Blacksmithing are good for making main and off hand gear for moncler outlet store your crafting/gathering classes (as are many of the previous classes).

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