N-Hexane is a light distillate, it is produced from special cut Naphtha / Condensate where the Hexane rich stream is extracted and purified to meet the required specification.

End Use

This product being non IP grade is mainly used as solvent in the solvent extraction units for non edible oil and de-waxing process.

Technical Specification

1.ColorIS : 1967 P : 120.00.0ASTM
2.AppearanceVisualClear LiquidClear Liquid
3.Density 30°CIS : 1448 P : 160.6870.688gm/ml.
4.Aromatic ContentIS : 1448 P : 631.0 Max5 Max%
5.Mixed Aniline PointIS : 1448 P : 0383 Min95 Min°C
6.Boiling RangeIS : 1448 P : 18 As under As under°C
IBP63 Min60 Min
DP73 Max75 Max
7.Non Volatile Residues0.001 Max0.005 Maxg/100 ml
8.Reaction of Non Volatile ResiduesTest passTest Pass
9.Doctor TestIS : 1448 P : 19NegativeNegative
10.LeadGC0.05 Max0.10 MaxPPM
11.Chlorides (as C1)GC20 Max40 MaxPPM
12.Bromine NumberIS : 1448 P : 441 Max10 Max