Solvent 100 (Solvent C9) is an mono aromatic solvent with high solvency power, higher boiling range as compared to Xylene, being the immediate product after Xylene it is less volatile and is widely accepted as replacement to Xylene. Owing to these properties it is used as a carrier solvent, diluent or extender in Pesticides emulsified concentrate formulations, Coatings, Concrete industry for diluting acrylic sealers, Cleaning applications etc.

Technical Specifications

1ColorASTM D 15000.0 – 0.0+0.0ASTM
2AppearanceVisualClear LiquidClear Liquid  –
3Density @ 15°CASTM D 40520.875 Max0.865Kg/L
4Flash Point – PMCCASTM D 9340 Min45°C
5Aromatic ContentASTM D 131998 Min99.9%
6Mixed Aniline PointASTM D 61115 Max13°C
7Boiling RangeASTM D 86As underAs under°C
 7(A)Initial Boiling PointASTM D 86140 Min145 °C
 7(B)Final Boiling PointASTM D 86205 Max185 °C