Diethylene Glycol – DEG is a colorless, low-volatility, low viscosity, hygroscopic liquid. Under normal conditions, diethylene glycol has no detectable odor; however, under high vapor concentrations, a slightly sweet odor may be detected. It is completely miscible with water and many organic liquids. Because of its higher molecular weight, diethylene glycol is considerably less volatile than ethylene glycol and differs sufficiently in that it has specialized uses. The reactivity and solubility of diethylene glycol provide the basis for many applications. It is used in Automotive, Packaging industry.

Technical Specification

1ColorClear liquidClear liquid
2Density1.1 Min1.105kg/m3
3Flash Point110 Min122°C
4Boiling Point225 Min235°C
5Pour Point-5 Min-11°C
6Molecular Weight105 Min106
7Chemical FormulaC4H10O3C4H10O3