This product is colourless, transparent liquid, produced from raw or hydro finished middle distillate. It provides good cooling and lubrication during metal reduction operation with low evaporation loss having low Sulphur and low aromatics resulting in excellent non-staining characteristics.

Technical Specification

Sr. No.CHARACTERISTICSRolling Oil 55Rolling Oil 56Rolling Oil 57UNIT
1Color0.0 – 0.50.0 – 0.50.0 – 0.5ASTM
2AppearanceClear liquidClear to slight pale liquidClear to slight pale liquid
3Density @ 30°C0.80 Min0.81 Min0.82 Mingm/ml.
4Flash Point – COC.95 Min100 Min120 Min°C
5Aromatic Content1 – 181 – 181 – 18%
6Mixed Aniline Point78 Min78 Min78 Min°C
7K. Viscosity @ 37.8°C / 40°C2.0 Min2.5 Min3.5 MinCst
8Boiling Range As underAs under As under
Initial Boiling Point210 Min230 Min260 Min
Dry Point270 Max280 Max320 Max
9Sulfur Content 0.01 – 0.1 0.01 – 0.1 0.01 – 0.1% wt